A Full Course by Illmind

When I first started making beats, I had no idea what I was doing. Back then, there weren't many resources. I felt confused and alone.

After 6 years of practice, grinding, learning and working on my craft I was able to start doing it FULL TIME.

Then I eventually started a podcast, monthly producer club and travelled across the world doing producer/artist meet-ups called "Pass The Aux".

All of the lessons, failures and wins I've experienced in the last 18 years, utilized to create one course.

Let's get to it...

I want to share with you the concepts and processes that helped me reach a life of creativity, fulfillment, success, passion and abundance.

As a creative person, do you struggle with the following?

❌ "Creative Block" feeling stuck on an idea or coming up with new ideas

❌ Outside distractions taking over your life

❌ Unsure about where or how to meet people

❌ Fear of making mistakes

❌ Lack of real focus

❌ A sense of confusion and feeling overwhelmed

❌ Feeling alone

If you said YES to any of these, this course is perfect for you...

Let me be your step-by-step guild to focus your energy on self-belief and love, which will ultimately drive you to take real action.

What’s the purpose of this course?

The purpose of the “MIND OF A WOLF” Course is to optimize the workflows of creative entrepreneurs (music producers, singers, songwriters, rappers) using mindfulness + everyday usable tactics and exercises.

Who is it for?

✅ Music Producers

✅ Singers

✅ Songwriters

✅ Rappers

✅ Beginner

✅ Intermediate

✅ Advanced

✅ Part Time

✅ Full Time

Whether you’ve been creating for 1 week, 2 months or 8 years, this course is perfect for you.

What will I NOT receive in this course?

This is not about money nor is it a "get rich quick" scheme.

It is designed to optimize your mindset to position you to get to all of the things you desire.

After completion of the entire course, you should have established the following:

✅ A true belief in yourself and your ability to create

✅ Genuine love and passion for your craft

✅ Willingness to experiment and try new things

✅ An established system in place to optimize your productivity

✅ Feel energized and excited about your daily routine and life

✅ A growing network of likeminded people (your “tribe”)

✅ A system to generate some income that can be nurtured over time

✅ An ability to tell your unique story to build your brand

Get ready to eradicate all of the issues you never knew were stopping you from becoming great!

The ultimate goal is to do what you love at all times, with enough financial freedom to make the choices you want to make and not have to report to anybody.

You are the wolf and you are in full control.

Are you ready to take charge and start living your best life?

What's included in the course!?

✅ 7 Modules of guided video courses

✅ BONUS video content (additional gems from Illmind)

✅ Downloadable worksheets (fillable PDF or print)

✅ Exclusive mindfulness meditation videos

✅ The Black Box Bundle (+25GB of drum kits + sample packs) ($1750.00 value!)

✅ Complete list of books & video resources recommended by Illmind

I was able to learn SO MUCH through countless podcast interviews, conversations with up-coming musicians and my own personal experiences.













The BIGGEST lesson I learned through it all was that MINDSET IS EVERYTHING!

How we optimize our minds to perform at the highest level is the key to achieving the things we really want.

I created this course based on everything I've learned in the 18+ years I've been in the game so far.

Now it's time for me to help you tell YOUR STORY....

Let's get to it...

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